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Real estate is all about highlighting the home and getting it sold. Especially with COVID-19 and a hot market, clients need to be able to experience a home without having to step foot inside. That is where real estate video comes into play, but these videos need to be produced FAST. Cooper reached out and asked if we could create content the display the most important features of this home in a luxury video. This is what we turned around in less than 24-hours. 

PROPR Lending

PROPR lending contacted us to fulfil a unique request: create a 60 second commercial that feels like a child's fantasy...but make sure people know it's for adults looking to buy a home. Looks like we did just that. 

Union Gospel Mission

The UGM of Salem is a true beacon of hope for our unsheltered neighbors. The stories of lives changed emanating from their facilities are seemingly endless. However, it takes great craft to capture the story of any individual. That's what we have done here with Nickole and JP - two amazing individuals with truly impactful stories. 

 Storytelling, like what is done here with Nickole and JP, strives to honor the integrity and strength of the individual while highlighting the impact the organization has had in their life.  

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