Who We Are

My name is Bryce Funk, my wife Brooke and I are the adventures, creatives, and storytellers behind High Sierra Collective. We started High Sierra Collective as a platform to tell stories through photography, specifically portraits and adventure.

We’ve explored and adventured everywhere from just outside our home in Salem, Oregon to beautiful locations all over the world. We love epic adventures and dreamy, wanderlust landscapes but what we really love are people and a good story. We make it a point to connect with people as we travel, capturing portraits to tell stories of the people that make up the world around us.  

Our love for people and storytelling has inspired a career of adventure and portrait photography. Good portrait photography can tell the story of a person all in a single image. A good portrait contains emotion, personality, depth, character…and that is what we’re after. From an alpinist on the summit to the homeless man downtown, we are incessantly in search of portraits that tell a story.

Our Experience

I was lucky enough to grow up with professional photographers as parents. I’ve been assisting my parents with everything from setting up portrait shoots to hauling camera equipment for backcountry adventures for as long as I can remember.


I’ve focused specifically on adventure and portrait photography for the last five years, taking a camera everywhere from a Portuguese Island in the middle of the Atlantic to the top of Forbidden peak in the North Cascades.

With 10 years of experience instructing climbing and wilderness navigation, we naturally decided to move into Adventure Consulting. I love breaking down the barriers associated with adventure – wilderness is something we should all enjoy. Adventure consulting allows us to educate less experienced adventure seekers and get them outside for their own epic adventure.

Our experience with portrait photography is both studio and location based. We have a portable studio with backdrops and lighting so we can take professional portraits anywhere you need us, including outside.

We have worked with everyone from professional musicians to large outdoor companies providing portraits, product, and editorial work. We’ve worked in every environment from sub-freezing snowstorms to black-tie galas.  

We have had the opportunity to provide images to some fantastic organizations, check them out: 


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