Memphis - A City and its People

Memphis is a city with a complex past, a progressive present, and unified future. Memphis is synonymous with blues and BBQ; however, also with crime and poverty. Despite the notoriety Memphis receives for its crime and poverty, there is a lot of beauty in this city and change is being ushered in at an indomitable rate. 

I started this photo project because there are moments in Memphis that deserve to be captured. Each Memphian has a story, each one deserves to be told. For the 18 months I am here, I aim to capture the stories of Memphis and the change that is overwhelming this city.

Images 1-4:

The National Civil Rights Museum hosted and event Without Regard to Sex, Race, or Color. A beautiful event honoring and highlighting the importance of our nations Historically Black Colleges and Universities through a photo collection by Andrew Feiler and featured musical compositions by African-American composers, including a world premier of a piece by Doug Hooker, performed by the diverse IRIS orchestra. 

Image 5-12:

The details of Memphis. The small and the large of Downtown and the spots that make Memphis, Memphis. 

Images 13-17: 

Shelby Farms park is an oasis for those needing to escape our city of asphalt and concrete. With 4,500 acres of green space hosting 40 miles of trails and 20 bodies of water, Shelby Farms has plenty enough nature to quench the thirst of weary city travelers. 

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