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Aerial Photography

Looking to add a unique perspective to your website or social media presence? Aerial imaging is that unique perspective! Aerial images put a camera where most people can't, creating images that most people can't. Aerial photography is the perfect way to set your website or social media platforms apart from your competitors.

What we offer:

  • ​Aerial Photography: Photographs with unique perspective. These photos help catch the viewers attention while providing a sense of scale and location. 

  • Aerial Video: The perfect intro to your brands video content. Aerial video is a stunning way to add a cinematic touch to your online content. 

  • Aerial Mapping: Composite images providing detailed representations of large areas of ground cover.

  • Aerial Inspections: Saving time and money while increasing safety, aerial inspections allow your team to inspect assets normally reached by crane or rope access in less time all from the ground. 

What you get:

  • Planning meeting: Like all our photography services, we want to make a plan that suites the needs of your brand. Flying drones is subject to authorization from the FAA. It is critical we develop a clear strategy for creating your content in the safest way possible. 

  • Fast turn around: We know timing is everything when it comes to digital content. We provide a quick turn around on photos and video without sacrificing quality. 

  • Professional image processing: We process all images and video in-house ensuring the highest quality standards. Our drones are capable of shooting 4k video and 48MP still images

Pricing$500 half day, $900 full day

Peace of Mind: Bryce is a licensed FAA Part 107 drone pilot. We take special care to confirm weather reports, Temporary Flight Restrictions, and any other hazards that could present a liability or safety hazard to your business or employees. We are adamant about following FAA rules and do not take on projects that would require us to operate beyond FAA rules or in an unsafe manner. We obtain necessary flight authorizations and waivers from the FAA when required and carry documentation on site.

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