Want to capture your adventurous spirit? This photo shoot is designed for you. Whether you are hiking to a local waterfall, climbing your first 5.12, running a 50k, or summiting Mt. Hood, we have the experience and skills to capture your wildest adventures.

What you get

  • Planning meeting: This is where the shoot begins. If you are running a race, we go over the course. If you are climbing your project, we go over the ToPo and how to fix lines. Whatever your adventure is, we build out a plan to capture it. These meetings usually run around 45 minutes.

  • Permit Assistance: These can be challenging waters. We are right there to make sure everything is in place for the big day!

  • Professional image processing: the total number of images is dependent on the project, clients typically walk away with around 15 processed images and access to all images captured during the shoot. 

Pricing: $600 for half day (8 hours) $900 for full day (over 8 hours, less than 18 hours). Shoots can span multiple days (we like backpacking!). Price includes travel in Oregon and Washington!



If you want to plan an epic adventure but don't know where to go? We are here to set you in the right direction. Whether you want to know more about the local trails and how to read a map or want help with a packing list for trip through Europe, our adventure consulting leaves you prepared for your next epic adventure. 

What you get:

  • Planning session: This is the core of what adventure consulting is about. We get together and go over everything you need to have a successful adventure:

    • Maps and navigation

    • Gear required

    • Weather

    • Food 

    • Travel and permitting restrictions 

    • Plan B (C,D,E,...)​

        This can be one meeting or several, it is completely dependent on the adventure and what you need.  ​

  • Permit Assistance: Permitting can be a pain to navigate or even understand. We are here to help you determine what permits you need, how to submit them, and make a plan B if you don't get them. 

  • EducationWith 10 years of instructing experience, we are here to help you develop the skills required for a safe and successful adventure. We offer tailored, one-on-one instruction in:

    • Wilderness navigation​

    • Emergency preparedness 

    • How to pack a pack

    • Risk management 

    • Weather

    • Photography 

Pricing: $200 for initial meeting (up to 3 hours), including email and phone correspondence through the time of your trip (limited 3 months). $150 each additional meeting session. 


What's our experience?

We have more than a few years of experience climbing, backpacking, mountaineering, and wilderness navigation in the some of the most rugged backcountry in the American West. Bryce has 10 years of climbing instructor experience with ascents of numerous major peaks in the Sierra Nevadas, Olympics, and North Cascades along with trad and sport routes up to 5.12. Brooke has completed several long-distance backpacks including the JMT and others in the PNW and Canada. Together, Brooke and I have visited over 10 countries (including our international elopement). 

All our equipment is weather sealed and prepared for whatever adventure you can throw at it. We use the same pro level equipment in the field as we do in the city in order to bring you the highest quality images possible.

If you have any questions or ideas for a shoot, please contact us!


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